What do you do with your Wedding Photographs

What To Do With Your Wedding Photographs

You’re now married and you just had the Wedding of your dreams but you don’t know what to do with your Wedding Photographs! There are so many options for you to pick from. I always HIGHLY Encourage ALL of my clients to get the photographs printed, as a canvas or in an album. What was the point of having Wedding Photographs taken if they’re just going to sit on a USB that you never look at? You may end up looking at them once a year or every few years. There’s no better way to remember one of the best days of your lives than getting them up on your walls. By getting prints, canvas or an album not only will you be reminded but anyone who comes into your home will be able to see how beautiful of a day it was. There’s nothing better than walking into your home and seeing that photograph of you and your significant other standing at the altar saying “I do” to each other.

If you plan to get prints, canvas or albums most pro photographers suggest printing through them. They go through professional printing companies that will only allow professional photographers to print with them. This will ensure you are getting the best for your dime! Printing can get expensive but when you print through your photographer it will ensure they come out perfect.

  1. Canvas’  - When we order your canvas we will go over the size and the kind of paper you want. There are three different types of paper you get to pick from: Premium Luster, Enchanted Matte and Pearl. When picking the size(s) of the canvas(s) I can come to your home and help you decide on what will fit that area best. Canvas(s) can also come in black and white if you decide not to do color!

  2. Albums - The wedding albums are my personal favorite. These albums are Fresh | Clean | Modern | Timeless.  All of the spreads are printed on professional grade photographic paper in a high definition printing process.

With many sizes and Album covers to pick from; such as: Bamboo, Full Grain Leather, Synthetic Leather, Linen and Photo Wrap. There are many color options to pick from as well.

We can even add on a presentation box to keep your album safe. Cover Cameos (A mini photograph on the front of the album), laser engraving and aluminum plaques. These are little things that will make your album even more personal to you and your significant other. Wedding albums allow you to share your favorite photographs with anyone who comes into your home or if you go somewhere and want to share those memories.

3. Prints -All prints are printed on professional grade photographic paper in a high definition printing process. You are able to frame the prints and hang them on your wall. If you do smaller prints lots of people send them to close family members to have as a memory of the day.

4.  “Thank You Cards” - Another thing you can do with your photographs after your wedding: Print them into “Thank You” cards for everyone who attended your special day! You can also send these to anyone who wasn’t able to make it.

Printing your memories is so important. They are moments you will be reminded of every time you see them. When you decide to print your photographs we go over all of your options to make sure it is all personalized to your liking. I do not place any orders until you approve of EVERYTHING. If you can’t decide if you want prints, canvas’ or an album I have samples for you to view to help you make your decision! Being able to see all of the products in person makes the choice a lot easier.  Let’s get those memories off of your USB or laptop and in your home to view <3

Below are some photographs of the Wedding Albums I offer. The one below is a 8x8, Linen Charcoal Grey with a 2.5x2.5 Cameo with luster paper. This is only one of the sample albums I have for viewing. If you end up booking my services and you pick my largest package, I include an 8x8 as well as prints after your Wedding Photographs are completed! My other packages only include prints of your choice. That being said, if you plan to add to your package with more prints, canvas or albums we will make that happen for you!  It is important to me that each package includes physical product of your memories.


P.S  These are all great reasons to get your photographs printed even if you aren’t married. You’ve spent good money on hiring a professional photographer to capture your special moments, why wouldn’t you get prints?

From helping you pick the colors, type of paper, the layout to the size; I can not wait to help bring your memories into your home and not just on your USB stick!

Xoxo, Allison

Allie Knull’s Photography