The Ultimate Wedding Photographers Shot Checklist

We all LOVE Freebies, more importantly we all LOVE checklists!

Wedding Photographer Checklist

I have created a FREE Wedding Photography Shot Checklist for all of my fellow photographers. Whether you are a professional or just starting out this is for you! Photographing Weddings can seem very scary, you don’t want to miss anything but that is why I am here.

Even though I suggest meeting with your clients before the big day to collect some notes of the shots they want captured. It can bring you some ease by having a shot list. This will help you remember all of the small important details.

In this checklist I have included all of the important shots from the very beginning of the Wedding Day to the end! Even though these aren’t all of the photographs I would take throughout the day, they are some of the most important ones. They are also photographs that I take at each Wedding. I always start each section of the Wedding with the most important/main photographs. This way I am left with more time for creative shots if time allows.

Here’s a little bit about my story

I began my photography Journey 8 years ago. I photographed my very FIRST wedding 5 years ago!! I was in no way a professional at the time. I was an ameture photographer with a passion! I never thought I would be photographing weddings or even people for that matter. My very first wedding was a referral from a family friend. The bride and groom could have cared less if they had a photographer for their day so this allowed me to capture it as an ameture! I had never photographed a wedding, I was occasionally photographing my friends for fun. At the time my true passion was landscape and macro photography.

Photographing this Wedding changed the game for me. All of the sudden Weddings were my jam! I was preparing for my very first Wedding, I made myself a little checklist. I mean, LITTLE. I didn’t really realize how much work they were; I also didn’t realize how important all of the photographs would be! I wish I would have had a full day checklist when I was just beginning my journey!

This is my advice to you, take a ton of photographs if this is your very first Wedding! Take them all, lol. Secondly, if you’re new to photographing Weddings second shooting/assisting are key! This will allow you to understand the flow of Weddings. The more Weddings you photograph the easier they become. You instantly know what photographs are important and you SHOULD be taking!

You can do what I did and just jump head first or you can make it easier on yourself and assist / second shoot! Whichever one you chose to do my checklist will help you through the day. I wish I had this detailed of a checklist for my very first Wedding so I’d love to provide you with one!

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Happy Capturing and I hope my Ultimate Wedding Photographers Checklist helps you!