Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer!

As a Wedding Photographer there are a few VERY important questions you should be able to answer for your potential clients. Being prepared to answer these questions is key. This way they will leave understanding your style, prices and what they can expect when working with you. Each photographer may have different answers to these questions are there are no right or wrong answer.

Here are 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

This is how I would answer to my clients so be prepared for a different answer if you are hiring a different photographer. During the first meeting these are only a few of the questions I will answer for you, they will also be a lot more in depth when we meet in person.

  1. How would you describe your style?

    My photography style is moody, warm and candid. I am not a bright and airy photographer as I prefer to capture the warm skin tones and create mood in each photograph. I also love candid photographs as they aren’t posed and if they are they look very natural. This allows me to capture the moment rather than “create” a moment.

  2. Can I see a portfolio for a full Wedding?

    When we meet up in person I make sure to bring my photo albums that have client photographs as well as a full portfolio of different Weddings I have shot for you to look through. I want to make sure my client likes my style of work before they hire me.

  3. What kind of photo editing/post processing do you include?

    I will always touch up the skin, if it is red or has acne that is unwanted. I do not do any resizing of any person even if requested. I do not remove birthmarks or scars unless ask before hand. You can get a good idea of what my editing style will look like on my portfolio

  4. Can you explain what the packages include and if I can customize my own package?

    During the initial meet I will go over the packages I have available for you to pick from. If you want to make slight changes you are able to.

  5. How many hours are included?

    Depending on what package you decide to pick will determine how many hours you get. Additional hours can be added.

  6. How much is it for additional hours?

    For additional hours on your Wedding day my current rate is $250/hr

  7. Do the packages include a second photographer?

    2 out of the 3 packages include a second photographer. If you decide to pick the one that doesn’t and you would like a second photographer then one can be added for an additional cost.

  8. Can I see your contract

    During our meet I will provide a contract that you are able to look over, ask questions about and even bring home if you need to think about it before you sign it.

  9. What if you become sick or injured?

    If I were to get sick or injured I have to options available to you to pick from. One, I will do my best to find you a new photographer and one who I would hire myself. Two, I can refund you and you can find another photographer.

  10. Can you ensure us you have backup equipment?

    I will always have backup equipment with me, especially on a Wedding day. I make sure to bring an extra camera, lenses, memory cards etc. I would hate to have something happen and not have any back up.

During the first meeting with your Wedding Photographer there will be many questions you will ask besides these ones. As a Wedding Photographer these are some of the main questions you should ask your potential Wedding Photographer.