Tips, Tricks and Advice for Planning your Wedding Photographs.


So now it begins, the planning and preparation of a very special day. You may be planning the entire day on your own so I would love to give you some tips, tricks and advice on your Wedding Photography. Having everything planned out will create for an easy and relaxing day rather than a stressful one.

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When it comes to picking a Wedding Photographer there is one VERY IMPORTANT factor you need to consider besides the price tag. That would be the Personality of the Wedding Photographer. You will want to hire someone you get along with and someone that wants what is best for you.

You Wedding Photographer will be spending more of the day with you than ANYONE ELSE. As long as you trust them completely it will make your day so much more enjoyable rather than worrying about if they got all of the shots you wanted or not.

How many times do you meet with the bride and groom to talk about details:

I ALWAYS like to meet the couple before they book with me to make sure we are a good fit. After the first meet and if they decide to hire me then the next time we meet up will be during your complimentary Engagement Session! After the session depending on when you plan to get married we will meet up once or twice to go over final details such as where you plan to get ready etc. We will also go over the photographs that are MUST haves for you.

How Important is an Engagement Session? Does it cost extra?

Engagement Sessions are VERY important. By doing one they will help you relax on your special day as you will already know what to expect. That being the pose I may ask you to do, this will also make you more comfortable on your day so your photos will turn out more natural. It’s like I won’t even be there. An Engagement gives you some practice making it easier. ALL of my Wedding Packages come with a Complimentary Engagement Session. Why? Because I want all of my clients to have a feel for what is in store for the day of, this helps calm the nerves and we will be able to capture some gorgeous photographs. Lot’s of clients like to use the Engagement photos we take for “Save the Date” card or to make a photo album that guests can sign at the Wedding. Making sure you’re both comfortable is KEY.

What is one of the Biggest Mistakes that Bride & Grooms make when planning their Wedding?

One of the biggest mistakes while planning your Wedding is not having a timeline that includes photographs or enough time to take photographs. LIGHTING is sooo important when it comes to photography, so if you’re wanting Golden Hour photos then you will want to have your formal taken about an Hour and a half before the sun goes down to capture that. Ps, Golden Hour formal photographs are to die for. If you need helping creating a timeline that will include time for your family photos and your couple photos your photographer should definitely be able to help you. In fact, I’m sure each photographer would LOVE to help you. We don’t want the bright sun shining in your as much as you don’t.

Who Decides on what poses you do and what photographs you will receive?

Preparation is KEY. If there are specific photographs you want captured during your day it is best to show your photographer what you are wanting. That way they are able to take note of it and they will be able to capture identical photographs from your Wedding. This will also help your photographer understand what you are looking for making it easier for them to ensure they capture exactly what you want. If you have a list of MUST have shots you want then your photographer can go down the list and make sure to capture those. It is our goal as Wedding Photographers to capture everything the bride and groom want.

Can we use Pinterest and use it as inspiration?

YOU BET! Pinterest boards are great for inspiration and we as photographers LOVE when our clients create a board of photographs that they want taken at their session. This makes our job so much easier as we know exactly what you are looking for. Pinterest is great for also helping you pick out your outfits for your session! All of this being said, no one’s Weddings are the exact same so making sure you know we can capture something similar is possible but not the exact same photograph.

What is something that the couple struggles when it comes to Wedding Photos?

I would say that most couples struggle with getting everyone rounded up for friends and family shots right after the Ceremony, that’s if you plan to do these photographs. The best way to make this easier for everyone is to provide a list before the Wedding with the names of the people you want in your group shots. This way we can go through the list and get them done ASAP.

For more Wedding Planning Tools head over to WeddingWire! You are able to track everything you have done and need to do. You’re also able to find vendors for your Wedding Day. This makes the process so much easier and creates less stress.

As a Wedding Photographer I hope these things help you plan for your perfect day! Don’t be shy to ask your Wedding photographer for advice or help if you need it. Here’s to happy planning! <3